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The studio was founded in 1993 by Dennis Fillié and François Verhoeven. Hundred’s of urban, housing, office and industrial projects have been architecturally engineered and co-designed by FilliéVerhoeven since. Projects of just 50 to literally tens of thousands of square meters.

Fellow architects often chose to work with FilliéVerhoeven recognising their creative craftsmanship aided by state of the art digital technique. Liesbeth van der Pol and Wytze Patijn both appointed chief government architects were clients of FilliéVerhoeven for years among many other well known architects.

FilliéVerhoeven however were left to rely on themselves when the crisis in construction started in 2008 and many clients went bankrupt. It was then they started successfully submitting designs for several smaller competitions and selections.

By now the studio has realised outspoken works which were recently published on the homepages of Dezeen, Divisare,  Gessato, Minimalissimo, Architectenweb, Architonic, Architizer and full page in national newspapers like the Volkskrant.

FilliéVerhoeven are housed in the building of the Architektenkombinatie in the Hague in the Netherlands. The Architektenkombinatie with over 15 employees share their expertise and facilities with FilliéVerhoeven since 2009. CPO Groene Mient, a housing project of 33 units has been recently completed in coöperation with the Architektenkombinatie. The project received overwhelming appraisal by newspapers and most importantly by the residents. A huge success for the city of The Hague and for coöperative housing projects in general.

FilliéVerhoeven was a member of the Passive House Organisation (Stichting PassiefBouwen) for years and has profound knowledge of low energy consumption in design and construction. The environment has been a part of FilliéVerhoeven’s design philosophy long before it was mainstream. The studio is known for working with natural materials and materials that can be recycled. Projects range from straw bale construction to high-tec steel and cross laminated timber prefabrication.

Hard work, perseverance and many personal and conceptual projects have gained FilliéVerhoeven the appraisal of a growing and specific clientele. A clientele that loves beauty and attention to detail. Many new projects are in the works.





Fillié and Verhoeven have the strength and the courage to create delicate, poetical, smoothly elaborated forms of architecture at a time of great strain and tension, deeply identifying themselves with a sense of architecture revealed in spontaneous forms of urban evolution, close to nature. Paolo Righetti, architect/editor magazine L’ARCA

Liebe Fillié und Verhoeven, Ihre Arbeiten haben mich ausserordentlich beeindruckt. Ich gratuliere Ihnen für die handwerkliche und künstlerische Qualität, die ich für absolut zeitlos ansehe.  Rob Krier, architect Berlijn

The high quality of housing that has been realised here for a housing coop is just unknown off.  Despite all the different needs of 33 families a beautiful harmonious unity has come to life and with a surprisingly strong image. The jury of the Berlagevlag on Groene Mient,  Jan Brouwer, Piet Grouls, Corine Keus en Tonko Leemhuis.

Villa SG21 is a masterclass in texture management through a minimalist lens, as three different insights co-exist in harmony. Minimalissimo

So we went looking for its architect and found Francois. He was the very last to be added to our list of candidates but one that rose far above the rest. Trevin en Ilse David, owners of SG21

Groene Mient, the only project were the photos of the built result look even better than the artist impressions.  Gita van Duinen, voorzitter bestuur CPO Vereniging Groene Mient

AVR were very happy with the final result. Mr Boer of AVR commented that, “this is a great concept! Our site is now much smarter and more photogenic. This is important because we sometimes appear in TV reports or photos. In industrial environments like ours, this kind of pattern is very eye-catching!”.


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