A table, made of three essential materials. Glass is made floating on liquid, ceramics with fire and the wood grows on solid ground.

The name Level revers to the ceramic bowl that could contain a little liquid revealing if the table needs to be leveled with the wooden thread. No need to mentionthe ceramic could also hold some pictures of loved ones to be seen through the crystal clear table top. Use the wooden thread to have all legs  touch the floor.

Enjoy the beautifully crafted details of the wood, glass and ceramic bowl. The beauty of pure and simple forms thoughtfully put together, basic but never too basic.

LEVEL is made of perfect, straight, fine grained knotless and leached European pine, a ceramic bowl and a 12 mm layered  safety glass top. LEVEL can be taken apart or assembled without any metal screws or glue. Colours: leached European Douglas, white ceramic and a small selection of coloured stains for the sawn Douglas beam. Dimensions:  2200 x 1000 x 760 mm.


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