Insulation value is not what you think !

Interesant stukje op Youtube over de isolatie waarde van verschillende materialen die dezelfde Rc waarde hebben.

Percentage of conductive heat transfer stopped for different insulation R-values. The large numbers at the base of each column are R-values. So, for example, the chart shows that a thickness of insulation with an R-value of 12 will stop 92% of the heat transfer that would occur with no insulation.

The Key Idea to Understand

Insulation with an R-value of 8 will stop about 88% of the conductive heat flow through a ceiling. Increasing the R-value to 48—adding six times more insulation thickness—will only increase the thermal performance by about 10%.

Convert European metric R values to US R-values

Metric R values US R values
1 5.7
2 11
3 17
4 23
5 28
6 34
7 40
8 45
9 51
10 57

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