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50150 views on an article written by François Verhoeven “An Architect’s view on Maxwell Render (for Google Sketchup)”

CGArchitects is the biggest website on architectural visualization. The article can be seen here. The owner of the site, Jeff Mottle wrote in response:

Hi François, Thanks also for writing this up for us. I apologize for the delay getting it online. I have to say this is probably one of the best written articles we’ve received so thanks for that. Cheers Jeff

FilliéVerhoeven use specific CAD-tools in their design proces. Aside from the latest developments in BIM and engineering design is a different proces requiring other tools than engineering tools. CAD packages like Modo, Form Z, Bonzai, Sketchup and so on are great tools to visualize design ideas. Maxwellrender shines light on a design idea like no other application can. This article shows how and why. Its based on years of experience by Dennis Fillié and François Verhoeven

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